Lost River Pizza is one of Bowling Green's most loved restaurants. The food, the beer, and the vibe all come together to make sure you walk out with a big smile and a full belly.

Keith Coffman is the mastermind behind the restaurant known as LRP, and he's crafted a delightful destination for anyone with an appetite for artisan pizza, craft beer, and great company. 

Keith had ZERO restaurant experience when he opened the doors at Lost River Pizza Co. He was a 13-year pharmaceutical sales veteran that was tired of the rat race known as Corporate America.

It was Keith’s dream to open a local, Mom & Pop style pizza place. He and his mom had a Saturday night ritual of ordering pizza and renting movies. It was their deal. It was what they did and they did it every Saturday night. When Keith moved to Lexington for college, he quickly acquired a taste for the local, hole-in-the-wall pizza joints that were seemingly everywhere. After spending his first two years having a really great time at UK, and digging himself one heck of an academic hole, he transferred back to WKU in Bowling Green. At Western, he switched majors from Engineering to Marketing, buckled his partying down and really turned his grades around. As epic as his college days at WKU were, he always felt he was missing something. He was missing all of the AMAZING, LOCAL PIZZA that he’d sampled in Lexington, left only with Bowling Green's dismal selection of national delivery chains. And he was determined to change that.

Fast Forward 16 years to 2007. Keith spent the next four years developing his own recipes and putting together his pizza concept. After being told ‘no' by 10 banks, he finally got one to say ‘yes'! He pulled every dollar out of his 401K, found the perfect space and got after it. Lost River Pizza Co. opened its doors to the public in September of 2011 and Keith's dream of bringing high quality, local pizza to BG became a reality.